About Natalie Garry

Natalie Garry

Director & Dance Leader

Natalie trained as a professional ballet dancer at the English National Ballet School and has performed with Scottish Ballet and Scottish Dance Theatre. She is qualified as a trainer in many exercise programmes including fitness, nutrition, weight management, exercise counselling and stress management.

Natalie has created danceSing for everyone, She is passionate about improving people’s overall wellbeing through dance and singing. Her exuberance and love of dance has brought joy to many people of all ages and abilities.

"She has a wealth of teaching experience, teaching ballet, dance and fitness at various London and Scottish dance schools and health clubs. She taught Scottish Ballet’s Junior Associate Programme. Natalie also worked for 18 years at The Gleneagles Hotel teaching dance, pilates and various types of fitness classes. Natalie has trained trainers and presented for The Exercise Association."