"danceSing was "Prescribed" to me by my GP. Best medicine I've ever taken."

Angela McArthur

"Your concept of danceSing is brilliant. I am thoroughly enjoying every class and I'm even looking forward to the darker winter months because now I have a hobby and interest that will make the winter more interesting."


"I want to commend you on your love of what you do. Without that Dance-sing may not be as it is now, a warm family of women (men welcome) who so much enjoy the songs and dance routines you lovingly prepare for us. I think of us as a family. "


"Having lived in Scotland over 31 years but in Glasgow less then two, it has been a good way to meet more people & feel part of the community. I have also met folk from the Dunblane class & socialised with everyone at Tina's birthday party. "


"Today I made 4 new friends which is wonderful! I never mind coming out on a Monday night even in dark winter because the class gives me energy and adrenaline and endorphins, who needs drugs!"


"You might remember, when I first started I hid myself at the back in the dancing as couldn't co-ordinate my left footedness with right handedness but now, although I've improved, I don't care anymore because nobody's looking and nobody cares if you screw up. Thanks for giving me renewed confidence to do stuff I couldn't do before"


"From the moment I walked in to danceSing I felt like I was coming home. I felt welcomed 'loved' and part of a community. Walking into danceSing was one of the best experiences I have ever had."


""Just brilliant so happy to be part of it.""


""My danceSing classes are the highlights of my week! It is never an effort to go, and I love every moment that I am there. I leave tired, but very, very, happy, and with a great sense of wellbeing. I get to do three of the things I love most – Singing, Dancing, and Laughing! I have so much fun, I try to go to as many classes as I can each week!""