Strength: Why is it important to work on your core?

We have recently launched our new Strength and Stretch workout video, which focuses on strengthening and stretching your muscles through various overall body exercises. 

Strengthen core danceSing


Strengthening your muscles is important to maintain a healthy body, and one of the most important areas to focus on is the core. Your core is a complex series of muscles, in your stomach and back, which helps balance, strength and power. Your core muscles provide the link between your upper and lower body so working on these muscles can make overall body movements easier. Strengthening your core can result in several benefits, including: 

  • Defends against injury  

Movement starts from the centre of the body and works outward. Spending time on exercises that work these core muscles can decrease the chance of an injury. When you have strong core muscles, there is less strain on the spine and overall movement can be easier. The core muscles also act as a protective layer for your organs and major arteries and veins.  

  • Balance and posture  

Your core helps to stabilise your body and allows you move in any direction. It can even lessen your risk of falling or tripping! When you have good balance and posture this lessens wear and tear on your spine and allows you to breathe deeply.   

  • Happy heart health  

Although the majority of fat is found just underneath your skin, around 10% of fat settles between the abdominal wall and organs. This fat is the most dangerous kind as it can create numerous problems including heart issues Making time for exercise and especially core exercises, alongside a healthy balanced lifestyle, will help to keep your heart healthy.   

  • Makes everyday tasks easier  

Having strong core muscles can make other task seasier, from swinging a tennis racket to mopping the floor. Most everyday activities use on your core, so having a strong core makes all these tasks and activities that little bit easier! 

  • Increases benefits from exercise 

Having a good core helps you get the most out of the efforts you put into exercising. Spending time working on slow, controlled movements is important and helps us develop a strong core. This prevents us from straining other muscles when we are exercising. When we are exercising we also need good balance, posture and strength, all of which a strong core helps with.  


Most importantly, spending time exercising will help you feel better overall. Working from the inside out truly is the best approach. It’s all about balance! 


Strengthen core danceSing


Strength and Stretch with danceSing  

Don’t forget that you can now download our 30-minute Stretch & Strength workout video! This workout will help you improve muscle strength and wellbeing through a combination of overall body strength and stretch exercises. 

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