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How to stay healthy over the Summer

danceSing has taken a break for the Summer and will be back for the new Autumn term on Monday 26th August! However, you can book our new Summer classes here.

Your body deserves a break, however it’s important to keep active over the Summer and enjoy a healthy balanced lifestyle. Whether you’re at home or on holiday, here are our tips to keep you fit and healthy over the break!



Monitor alcohol consumption

It can be easy to say yes to a few too many glasses of wine whilst the sun is going down. We are all in favour of a glass or two as a treat, but try to ensure you are monitoring your alcohol consumption, as this is where those nasty calories hide! Why not opt for a tasty mocktail instead, or a delicious blended fruity smoothie (cocktail umbrella and fancy straw optional!). 


Treat yourself – but limit overindulgence

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. We all deserve a treat now and again but try to avoid over-indulgence and keep the majority of your diet healthy. We like the 20/80 rule – treat yourself 20% of the time and eat healthy 80% of the time. Include a good mix of protein, carbs, fibre, and healthy fats for a balanced diet – with the odd chocolate or two as well!


Water with lemon

Stay hydrated

During the hot months, it’s important to stay hydrated. Ensure you are drinking at least 2 litres of H20 a day, and even more during exercise and very hot weather.  If you find water a bit bland, try adding some refreshing mint leaves or zest it up with some freshly cut lemons and limes.


Get out in the great outdoors

Summer is the perfect time to get out and explore your surroundings! We are so lucky here in Scotland to be surrounded by beautiful scenery, so whether you’re walking, running or cycling, discover new areas and be amazed by the beauty of nature! Wherever you’re off to, remember to wear your danceSing T-Shirt and share a photo with us using #danceSingOnTour for the chance to be featured! We love seeing what you get up to over the Summer.


Plan meals and prepare food in advance

Poor planning can often lead to unhealthy meal decisions. It’s all too tempting to go out for dinner or get a delivery during hot weather as the last thing you want to be doing is slaving away in a stuffy kitchen! However, you will thank yourself for a little bit of forward planning and food preparation to stay on track over Summer. At the beginning of the week, try to plan your dinners for the week ahead and ensure you have all the ingredients. Batch make food and freeze it for later so you have handy meals ready for days where you are not so prepared. Step away from the delivery menu… 



Go fresh!

Farmer’s markets are often the best place to find fresh fruit, veg and ingredients for delicious meals and whether you are at home or on holiday, you are bound to find a one nearby in Summer. As well as helping local farmers, you will discover new foods and the buzz of a market is certainly more exciting than your local supermarket aisle!



Keep moving

It can often be difficult to keep up your fitness plan over Summer, with lots of bbq’s, late evenings and holidays throwing you off plan. However, keep up a focus on wellbeing over Summer and your body and mind with thank you. After all, maintaining a healthy and happy mind and body should be a lifestyle, not just for half of the year. Why not come along to our optional Summer classes in Glasgow or Dunblane and commit to fit! Or, if you’re a little pushed for time, you can download our at-home workout videos. Choose from our fun dance cardio workout, ‘Keep danceSing’ video here, or relax and focus on mindfulness with our ‘Strength & Stretch Pilates’ video here.


Have a brilliant Summer and keep moving! We are looking forward to seeing you all again next term, beginning Monday 26th August.

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