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Small business making a big impact in the community!

A note from danceSing Founder, Natalie Garry, on the Concert with The Scottish Pops Orchestra on Saturday 15th June…


“As the Founder of danceSing, ‘The Choir that Keeps you Fit’ I was left with no doubt what-so-ever recently that danceSing is working hard to make a positive difference to the lives of many individuals, but is also making a big impact in the local community as well.

When 60 danceSingers took to the stage at the Alhambra Theatre in Dunfermline for the production of Movies from Stage and Screen with The Scottish Pops Orchestra, the evening was up there as one of my danceSing highlights!

The morning after the show I was left reflecting on all that this truly amazing experience brought to us all.  Spanning two teaching terms, we all united with a collective goal of performing with a professional orchestra in front of an audience of hundreds. Let me point out, that there is absolutely no pressure placed on any of our danceSingers to perform, we simply offer our people opportunities, the experience is there if you want to take it. For some the class-based teaching journey was fulfilment enough, others showed their support from the audience, whilst others took to the stage to deliver a truly “Westend worthy show” (a quote from one of our audience.) All however, collectively, a valued part of the ‘danceSing family’ which so many of our people talk about and enjoy being a valued part of.



Our 60 danceSinger performers who attend classes across Scotland, worked together to perform seven songs! And without question, this created amazing harmony. It was incredibly special to see our danceSingers work together as a team, some meeting for the very first time and to witness the forging of new friendships. And nurturing old ones. The auditorium was a sea of Royal Blue outfits, each chosen especially for the performance (I had no idea there were so many royal blue variations! available). Everyone carrying a collective sense of pride, unity and belonging.

Our community gathered to support us and at the same time helped us to raise well over £1k of funds (and still counting!) for Maggie’s Cancer Centres, a charity close to many of our danceSingers’ hearts, and clearly the hearts of our wider community too. There is no doubt that helping others is a good feeling, and we all felt proud to give something back.

It was a long day and there was a good degree of physical exertion for everyone involved, including walking the 7,500 steps (thank you to a danceSinger for wearing her Fitbit!). Our danceSing classes had obviously helped prepare our performers in both strength and stamina as our collective of 60 choir singers appeared to undertake the 9-hour long operation from start to end with both grace and ease.

After the performance we received a very lovely message from a lady whose brother is suffering from Parkinson’s had come along to watch the performance and afterwards had relayed to his wife: “It was incredible.” She told us “he stayed awake for the entire concert and for the first time that I can remember, I heard him singing.”

I would like everyone involved to ask themselves… How has my mental health been for the last 10 days? How did I manage the physical element of the day? Has there been a positive improvement in my confidence level?

danceSingers, if I can leave you with just one last message it would simply be to just enjoy the glow in all you have achieved this term. On behalf of myself and Team danceSing, I would like to say thank you for being an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing this exciting journey with you next term.

Special people, amazing friends.

Love, Natalie x”


The Concert in Numbers!

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