Sing to your health

We love a sing-song – it’s guaranteed to always make us feel better! We love nothing more than getting together with our friends and belting out a few of our favourite tunes. You can be sure there are smiles all-round after a singing session at danceSing! It’s clear that singing can be an instant mood-booster, but did you know there is scientific evidence that exercising your vocal chords in fact has numerous health benefits for both your mind and body?


The 8 top health benefits of singing

  1. Singing can help with sleep

Researchers have found that frequent singing can help strengthen throat and palate muscles, which helps to reduce snoring and sleep apnoea. This can help not only you, but also your partner to get a decent night’s sleep if you struggle with these issues!

  1. Singing is a natural anti-depressant and can lower stress levels

Singing is known to release endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that send pleasure signals to the brain. Many studies have found that singing has reduced stress levels and can be an instant mood-booster. It can also release muscle tension all over the body.

  1. Singing can improve mental alertness

Singing can increase the amount of oxygen our body receives, and an oxygenised blood stream can improve mental alertness. It has even been found to help people with Alzheimer’s to retain memories.

  1. Singing can boost your confidence and self-esteem

Singing in a group can make you feel as one, and can have real confidence boosting effects. The feeling after a successful performance will enhance confidence and self-esteem, and although it can be scary at first, will soon become natural!

  1. Singing can widen your circle of friends

Being part of a choir or group, such as danceSing, can help you meet new people with common interests. Singing together in harmony can help you to connect and bond with people. The bonds formed from singing can be significant as there is a certain level of intimacy naturally involved.



  1. Singing can help to strengthen the immune system

A study by the University of Frankfurt showed that singing can boost the immune system as it was found to heighten the number of proteins that act as antibodies in the body.

  1. Singing is a work out for your lungs!

Using singing techniques and vocal projections, singing can be great exercise for your lungs. It can also strengthen the diaphragm and stimulate circulation around the body.

  1. Singing can improve posture

Lastly, standing up straight when singing to ensure correct vocal projection can help to improve overall body posture over time. As the shoulders fall back, and the chest expands, an improved posture will come naturally when singing and should then be carried into the rest of life!

Check out our sharable videos below on the benefits of singing!




Join us!

If you fancy joining us for a sing-song, come along to one of our classes throughout Central Scotland. Our classes combine singing and dancing in: Glasgow, Bearsden, Newton Mearns, Denny, Dunblane and Bridge of Allan. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome!

For our Autumn term, we are introducing two NEW choir-only classes too. Our High School of Glasgow Choir will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7.30-9pm, and we also have a choir-only class at Bridge of Allan on Monday evenings from 7.30-9pm at Lecropt New Church Hall.

If it’s your first time trying danceSing, you can get a HALF PRICE taster class for any of our classes for only £5. Find out more and book here.

Once you become a member at a class, you will have access to all danceSing classes for no extra cost!



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