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14 Days to Thrive Winter Cleanse: Step by Step Delicious Cleanse For Energy, Bright Moods, Immunity Support

This programme, offered by Monica Durigon from Everyday Nutrition in partnership with danceSing UK has been designed to help you to kickstart your New Year with healthy changes in your body and in your habits.

This cleanse will help you to reshape your body from the inside out, discover hidden food sensitivities, reduce inflammation and release the extra toxicity accumulated during the festive season allowing you to achieve better energy and mental clarity.

This is not another diet! This cleanse is not about starving your body, eating strange food combinations, or taking lots of supplements. This programme will teach you how to nourish your body for the best health results.

Join us and start 2021 positively, looking after your body and your mind wellbeing.

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From Monday 18th January to Sunday 31stJanuary  2021

“14 Days to Thrive” is designed for people who want step by step reliable and professional guidance to kickstart their metabolism so they can get great energy, great moods and support their immunity.  Is this you?

How is this different, better, more effective than diets or other interventions that you have  tried? 

  • It is led by a qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist with more than 7-year clinical experience helping hundreds of clients
  • It is a safe and gentle cleanse which eliminates the major allergens and reduce systemic inflammation in the body
  • It supports the body natural detoxification system 
  • It increases energy rather than depleting it like many restricted calories diets do 
  • It supports natural immunity 
  • It is super tasty, it uses simple and natural ingredients, the recipes are easy and suit every chef, even the most inexperienced. 
  • It is educational 
  • Minimum, safe and optional supplement plan recommended (only Vitamin C and probiotics)

What are the main results you can expect?  Why should you want to do this?  

After the festivities, many people are concerned because their weight has increased, they feel lethargic, unmotivated and low in moods, January Blues are coming…

This guided cleanse will give you:

  • A healthy reset 
  • A step by step professional approach with plenty of encouragement and guidance
  • More energy
  • Glowing skin
  • Some weight loss
  • Immunity support
  • Inspiration to continue to eat healthy after the cleanse and keep up the good results

What you might be concerned about? Cost, ingredients, strange food, too many pills… 

  • Extremely good value, great content delivered by a qualified nutritional therapist offered at a special price  for members of danceSing UK
  • Food is delicious 
  • No need for fancy ingredients 
  • Easy clear instructions
  • Low allergenic foods suitable for people on a gluten free and dairy free diet
  • Suitable for vegetarian and non-vegetarian (recipes available for both)

How will the cleanse be delivered?

The cleanse will be delivered online 

Once you have enrolled you will receive by email the following material:

  • Complete set of recipes for 14 days (and more) 
  • Meal plan & shopping list 
  • Guidebook
  • Workbook
  • Daily Cleanse protocol
  • Toxin reduction tips
  • Kitchen & Food preparation tips 

Programme Support, you will receive:

  • Invitation to a Private Facebook Group 
  • Daily support in the Private Facebook Group
  • Three live webinars (the webinars will also be recorded and available online) 
  • Kick off webinar on Saturday 16th January in preparation for the start of the cleanse on Monday 18th  January
  • Educational and Q&A Webinar on Sunday 24th January
  • Wrap up webinar on Sunday 31st (time tbc but evening anticipated)


We have held nothing back in  creating this programme for you. We want you to live a happier, more vibrant life so we are giving you all the tools and support you need to start your path to a healthier lifestyle.  Because we want you to experience the amazing results possible in the programme, once the programme materials have been sent out, there are no refunds.  We have created this policy so that we are both accountable for your success.

We are here to support you every step of the way!


Everyday Nutrition Founder - professional and experienced mentor

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Health Statement - Your Health & Wellbeing

  1. The danceSing On Demand programme is physically demanding. You must listen to your body and work at a level that is appropriate to your health and ability. Take breaks when needed and keep hydrated, ensure you have space to workout, clear of any objects, loose floor coverings, pets, children, other people, or equipment not currently in use.
  2. Only you can know if you are in a suitable physical condition to safely perform this exercise program and follow the nutrition plan. If you have any doubt at all, consult your doctor or physician before you take part in danceSing On Demand to assess your physical suitability. Follow all safety instructions before and during this or any fitness plan.
  3. If at any time you feel pain, discomfort, dizziness or nausea, you should slow down and stop exercising slowly. Then consult your medical provider.
  4. If exercising with a child, please assess the suitability of the exercise program first and consult with the child’s doctor or physician to confirm that they are physically fit to take part in danceSing On Demand. If at any time your child experiences pain, discomfort, dizziness or nausea, you should instruct them to slow down and stop exercising slowly. Again, then consult your child’s medical provider.
  5. If you are pregnant or have any underlying or special medical conditions you must first consult a doctor or physician to seek medical advice and confirm you understand the risks, contraindications, and complications of using this programme. Failure to do so could result in significant injury to you and others (including, if applicable, your unborn child).