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The Lying Bitch and The Wardrobe

After the last class of term at The Western Baths why not join for “The Lying Bitch and The Wardrobe” at the acclaimed Òran Mor Panto just 2 mins from The Western Baths.

If you would like to come please let Natalie know. The cost is £15 for a ticket plus a pie and a pint (or equivalent).

Wednesday 5th December 2.00pm

About the play…

“Empress Evilyin has promised that the people of Escozia will live happily ever after, but no sooner is she elected than the sweet old dear turns into a power crazed despot, banning all manner of pleasures including, pies, tablet and, most fiendishly cruel of all… SINGING! And it’s the jile for anyone who disobeys, oh yes it is!

But the World is not Enough, she sets her sights on Handsome Jack, betrothed to Ravishing Rosie, and will stop at nothing till his pyjamas are next to her nightie. Enter Dame Beanie Bumpherton aka ‘the Human Jukebox’ and Zorra the Masked Singer: their mission – to discover Evilyins deep, dark secret (probably in her Wardrobe) and get her banished to Goolag Achiltibuie.

Please note: The Òran Mór Christmas Panto is aimed at an adult audience and does contain some strong language and adult themes. Recommended for 14+ years.”

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