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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 with our Members

Today we’re celebrating #InternationalWomensDay! At danceSing, we’re all about creating an inclusive and supportive environment for fun, fitness and friendship at our classes. We are thrilled to welcome so many amazing women (and men!) at our classes across Scotland, many of which have formed life-long friendships. Many of our amazing members have found danceSing has had an incredible impact on their lives and has boosted their confidence and positivity.

As we celebrate women all over the world, join us as our members share their inspirations, motivations and the impact danceSing has had on their lives.


“I have met so many strong, funny, interesting and kind women through danceSing, and we have bonded by singing and dancing together. danceSing has also boosted my confidence as a woman – I feel stronger, have a strong core, walk taller, have the courage to perform musical numbers in public, and feel I’m in a safe space with my danceSing friends.” – Angela, danceSing Member

“As some of you know I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 16 and exercise has been extremely limited before danceSing. danceSing has helped me build up my core strength and made me more aware of my posture and breathing. I’m more confident and have made so many lovely friends. My work life balance is much improved too due to my commitment to danceSing.” – Annette, danceSing Member




“Joining danceSing last year has opened up a new lease of life for me. As a woman I’ve been fortunate to have many roles; Daughter, Sister, Nurse, Wife, Mum, Grandmother & Carer now retired I’ve found some time for ME and found danceSing! I am thoroughly enjoying learning so many new popular songs, finding fun and fitness following the dance leaders and have met so many lovely, friendly and positive women in all the classes. I’m inspired by the vision and energy of Natalie and amazing musicians and dancers on the danceSing Team. Being surrounded by all this positivity I know helps women find “Something Inside So Strong” and we can all say and sing together “This is Me” with power passion and conviction. Thanks to Natalie and the danceSing Team.” – Morag, danceSing Member



“W- Wonderful, O – opportunities, M- mates, E- energetic, M-melodic
Need I say more. For me, I have found an inner self I had forgotten existed. danceSing has allowed me to reconnect with ME! I absolutely love it!” – Sheila, danceSing Member

“Thank you danceSing for giving me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone! And for the new family I’ve discovered!” – Marcia, danceSing Member




“JOY is what danceSing has brought into my life!” – Elaine, danceSing Member



“Becoming a single lady has floored me but with the tremendous help of danceSing I’m becoming strong and independent enough to pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again. Thanks all” – Margaret, danceSing Member


I have met and become friends with some wonderful people through danceSing AND some crazy ones (you know who you are!). I really look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays meeting up with everyone and having fun through our singing and dancing.” – Doreen, danceSing Member



“When I first read the testimonials on a danceSing flyer last April, I thought “Aye Right!” – nothing could be that good, but I was wrong. From my initial session I was hooked, now regularly attending 3 times a week (Bearsden, Western Baths, HSOG Big Sing) as well as participating in danceSing events (Kelpies; Edinburgh Fringe; Dunblane’s Christmas festivities; Pitlochry; Loch Leven Larder & HSOG Charity Lunch) – not the old, socially shy me at all!

The key has been danceSing’s winning concept of dance & song, enthusiastically promoted by amazingly talented leaders. Be reassured: there are no auditions, no solos & performing in public is optional. Genuinely, you are always guaranteed a warm welcome. Only names are exchanged – age, race, religion, profession, marital status are irrelevant. Predominantly made up of women, you are never judged, only encouraged to experience fun & fulfilment. Joining danceSing has been one of my best decisions since retiring. I have gained in confidence, fitness, purpose & friendship. My world has grown rather than shrunk.” – Sandra, danceSing Member


Check out what our wonderful leaders had to say for #InternationalWomensDay here.

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Health Statement - Your Health & Wellbeing

  1. The danceSing On Demand programme is physically demanding. You must listen to your body and work at a level that is appropriate to your health and ability. Take breaks when needed and keep hydrated, ensure you have space to workout, clear of any objects, loose floor coverings, pets, children, other people, or equipment not currently in use.
  2. Only you can know if you are in a suitable physical condition to safely perform this exercise program and follow the nutrition plan. If you have any doubt at all, consult your doctor or physician before you take part in danceSing On Demand to assess your physical suitability. Follow all safety instructions before and during this or any fitness plan.
  3. If at any time you feel pain, discomfort, dizziness or nausea, you should slow down and stop exercising slowly. Then consult your medical provider.
  4. If exercising with a child, please assess the suitability of the exercise program first and consult with the child’s doctor or physician to confirm that they are physically fit to take part in danceSing On Demand. If at any time your child experiences pain, discomfort, dizziness or nausea, you should instruct them to slow down and stop exercising slowly. Again, then consult your child’s medical provider.
  5. If you are pregnant or have any underlying or special medical conditions you must first consult a doctor or physician to seek medical advice and confirm you understand the risks, contraindications, and complications of using this programme. Failure to do so could result in significant injury to you and others (including, if applicable, your unborn child).