Feel Good for Summer – How danceSing can Help with Weight Loss and Toning

With the summer season just around the corner, it’s now that time of the year when many of us want to get fitter and tone up for our summer holidays. danceSing is not just about losing weight, in fact that is only one benefit of the great fun and friendship our motivational classes offer!

No one has to lose weight or tone up for summer in order to enjoy it or feel good about themselves. But we understand that some people set this as their goal, making danceSing a great activity to do this whilst having fun. Joining in with our choir, dance, and fitness classes is an enjoyable way that can assist you with weight loss, toning your body and improving overall wellbeing, and here is why…

It has the aerobic effect

Most styles of dance are aerobic exercise, meaning they have that ‘aerobic effect’. Aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) gets the blood pumping and works large muscle groups, making it a great form of activity for regulating weight and burning fat. Aerobic dancing is particularly great for people with all fitness levels, because you can take it as a pace and impact that suits you whilst still enjoying an effective and fun workout.

It targets and strengthens muscles

From jumping and spinning in dance routines, to stretching afterwards, it all helps target and engage almost every muscle area in the body, including the arms, legs, core, glutes and back. When the muscles are regularly worked, they’ll soon become stronger and grow, which can ultimately lead to fat loss and body toning if combined with a healthy lifestyle.

It burns lots of calories

Did you know that just one hour of moderate dancing can burn up to 450 calories. One of the best things about dance exercise is that there are so many different styles of dance to choose from. Each style of dance has a different level of intensity, meaning that different styles can burn different amounts of calories. So even if you don’t like one style, there are still a hundred more to choose from! At danceSing, we vary our classes to include lots of different styles, from jazz to modern, you’ll get a flavour of it all.

It stretches you out

Stretching and reaching are frequent movements practised whilst dancing, and it is also important to do this before and after dancing. At danceSing, we stretch to warm up the muscles, stretch and reach throughout our dance routines, and finally stretch off to loosen the muscles afterwards. One of the great benefits of stretching is that it can contribute to weight loss as it boosts the metabolism whilst elongating the body and improving posture. It is also important to stretch to reduce the risk of injury, which stifles anyone’s fitness regimes!

It boosts flexibility

Dancing helps the body become more flexible, meaning that there is a greater opportunity to join in with other forms of exercise without getting easily hurt or becoming stiff quickly. When you’re able to join in with more exercise and become more active, you’re more likely to shed weight even quicker. Moreover, it can be a great confidence booster which can lead to us being more likely to get involved in trying new activities!


Not only is danceSing great physically, but our members are also reaping the mental benefits! In fact, in research we carried out amongst members, an incredible 82% noticed a greater feeling of wellbeing after attending our classes. We are so delighted to have had such a positive impact on our members’ wellbeing!


Do you have a fitness goal for summer? If so, then we are confident that danceSing can help you achieve it! All of our classes are suitable for beginners, no experience is necessary. As long as you are 16 years plus it doesn’t matter what weight or height you are – anyone can join in! All we ask is that you bring yourself, a willingness to learn, and you’ll soon realise the amazing benefits. Find out more and book your unlimited Taster Week Offer here.

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