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Drum roll please…


It’s that time of the year again! We recently carried out our 2019 Annual Members Survey. This allows us to find out what our Members think and feel about danceSing so that we can continue to improve our offering.

With such a high response rate, we were able to gather enough feedback to consider how danceSing can move forward and continue to satisfy its valued Members. Our Member feedback is extremely important to us as we want each and every one of our Members to get the very best out of our danceSing classes and events.

Much to our delight, our feedback is fantastic! It’s safe to say that we are absolutely delighted that so many of our Members feel so incrediably positive about danceSing and are truly enjoying every aspect of their danceSing experience with us.

We are very proud to share some of our amazing results below





Members reported that physical benefits of danceSing includes better cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and balance. Whilst mental and social benefits include increased motivation and confidence, and feelings of greater wellbeing.




Team danceSing would like to thank everyone who took the time to answer our survey questions, we truly value all of your suggestions and comments.

We recently introduced our new membership tiered structure for Autumn 2019 offering greater flexibility and choice for our Members.

Join us again for our Autumn term from Monday 26th August 2019. Or come along and join us for a Taster Week where you can try as many of our classes as you want, across any of our locations, and all for just £12, click here book!

If you haven’t already, start your danceSing journey with us today… we look forward to welcoming you!

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