Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 with our Leaders

Today we’re celebrating #InternationalWomensDay! At danceSing, we’re all about creating an inclusive and supportive environment for fun, fitness and friendship at our classes. We are thrilled to welcome so many amazing women (and men!) at our classes across Scotland, many of which have formed life-long friendships. We’re so thankful to have our amazing dance, choir and fitness leaders on board who inspire, motivate and support our members at our classes daily.


As we celebrate women all over the world, join us as our leaders share their inspirations and motivations.


“The truth so many things keep me motivated. Obviously, the fabulous members and my amazing dedicated colleagues but I try and find motivation in everything that I do. Picking up nuggets of wisdom from everyone I meet and all that I read and observe. I am constantly learning and developing. I plan my days with a good combination of what works for me. Work, family, friends, exercise, relaxation, music and coffee! I know what works and I am actually quite self-motivated to stick with the plan!

One of my fears is not being able to move around and not mentally feeling strong.  I therefore am very motivated to maintain my fitness both physically and mentally. I have a plan the day before about when, where and what exercise I will be doing the following day.

danceSing is not only my job, it is a joy. I see what good it is doing for other people. If through danceSing we make our members feel better, fitter, stronger, physically, emotionally and mentally that motivates me as I know that as a result not only will the danceSinger have greater wellbeing but also their family members and friends will benefit. I am a far nicer person after I have been danceSing and my family benefit hugely.

Working on my wellbeing motivates me to encourage other people to keep active and to help them live long, happy lives. To be honest I am on a bit of a mission!” – Natalie, danceSing Founder & Director



“The love for and of my family and music keeps me motivated. The participation, fulfilment, energy, inspiration, joy and peace that both bring, as well as the connection music enables and establishes with others, creating friendships, making a difference to others and to all our lives.” – Polly, danceSing Music Leader


“The advice I would give myself is; ‘Carpe Diem‘! It’s all about the journey and finding the stepping stones to success.” – Karen, danceSing Music Leader


“What motivates me? The people around me – friends, family & colleagues. I try to surround myself with positive people who challenge me to better at everything I do and I then try to do that for others. My bigget challenge would be JUGGLING all that life throws at you and asking for help. Once you realise you can’t do everything yourself, it is empowering to be helped and supported by those around you.” – Lindsay, danceSing Music Leader


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