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Carrying on Jemma’s Legacy in Aberdeen


We are delighted to have just launched new classes in Aberdeen at the iconic Academy Street Dance Studio. The Studio holds special memories as it was earlier owned by Jemma McRae, who was only 43 when she lost her battle with breast cancer earlier this year in February. danceSing Founder and Director Natalie spoke with Jemma about bringing danceSing to Aberdeen and is now delighted to make this dream a reality to keep her legacy alive.


Natalie said: “Jemma has left an amazing legacy in Aberdeen, because she created this wonderful studio full of light and love and laughter and her motto was ‘live, love, laugh, make memories and keep learning’.

“Jemma lived her life like that and instilled it in everyone she met. We followed, supported and encouraged each other’s zest for life and pure joy for dance and well-being, and both of us were determined to keep as many people dancing and singing as we possibly could.

“We talked about our businesses and followed each other’s journeys. Jemma and I planned on bringing danceSing to her studio as a regular class and also about doing a giant fundraiser with her students, parents and danceSing for Friends of Anchor who supported her through her illness.

“Jemma was all about giving back. We had a big plan, and danceSing will work to fulfil her dream in the future.”


We are thrilled to be able to uphold the inspiration, creativity and amazing energy that Jemma created in the studio in Aberdeen through the power of song and dance.

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