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It’s no secret that the NHS is under an increasing strain and the most commonly quoted reason for the mounting pressure, both on finances and resources, is the ageing population.  No one can deny the fact that we are living longer, but there is much debate about how best to tackle this growing problem.

Still image from testimonial video.At danceSing, we have always advocated the benefits of getting out and meeting new people whilst exercising and having some fun at the same time.  Now it seems research, which is being widely accepted by the medical profession, is agreeing with what we’ve always said.  ‘Social Prescribing’ is becoming a reality and many GPs are recognising the benefits of non-medical solutions.

The Guardian newspaper reported earlier this week that “family doctors are being urged to take up ‘social prescribing’ after research found it cut GP visits and trips to Accident and Emergency units by more than a quarter”.  The article quotes Simon Stevens, head of the NHS, who is urging every GP to consider prescribing lifestyle changes instead of automatically turning to medication.

Mr Stevens told the Daily Telegraph: “Rather than ‘a pill for every ill’, social prescribing is a new way of helping certain people get better and stay healthy. “Family doctors tell us the best help they offer some patients is connecting them with local sports, arts and voluntary organisations.

“For people who are stressed or depressed, who have chronic pain, or with other long term health problems, social prescribing is often worth trying either in place of drugs or alongside other usual care.”

We commend the Daily Telegraph for promoting these findings and for championing a positive solution that helps the older generation whilst relieving the growing pressure on the NHS.  You can read the whole article here.

Our experience is similar to the research findings being reported.  Many of our members tell us how this simple lifestyle change has changed their life; form meeting new friends to feeling fitter, and form having more fun to feeling part of a group, are all regular comments at danceSing classes.

So, as we enter 2018, we hope that ‘social prescribing’ will become commonplace and more people will recognise there are often better ways to combat the ageing process than relying on medication.  It’s also worth noting that ‘social prescribing’ is not restricted to GPs, family and friends can be part of the process by encouraging loved ones to take part. And yes, it’s also something you can self-prescribe.

We have a whole range of classes starting in January in six locations: Bridge of Allan, Dunblane, Glasgow (Western Baths), Glasgow (Parklands Newton Mearns), Edinburgh and Denny.  If you would like to take advantage of our FREE SOCIAL PRESCRIPTION, or as we call it, our FREE TASTER SESSION, please visit the sign-up page here.

Below you can watch a short video showing some comments from those already enjoying the benefits of danceSing classes.


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